Germany. How much pot is legal ?

Germany.  How much pot is legal ?
Many European stoners are pleased to be seeing so much progress in the ways society is changing its views on cannabis use.  With each passing year we see countries slowly improving their drug laws.  But sometimes the changes within a country can cause inconsistencies.  In Germany, Berliners can have up to 15g of stash, whereas in Munch just 6g is allowed.  This causes confusion and inevitably it causes unfairness with German stoners calling for changes.
Ralf Jäger, interior minister of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said that the 16 German states are now seeking to establish a single limit valid across the country. "We are prompting the ministers of justice to push for harmonization efforts, so that the legal status no longer varies from state to state," Jäger told theWestdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitungat a conference of state interior ministers in Hanover last week
Germany.  How much pot is legal ?
June 4th 2013

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