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October is a month where the self sufficient outdoor and greenhouse growers harvest the bulk of their annual cannabis crop. This year more and more will be harvesting a crop of autoflowering varieties as well. With the colder dark nights of winter drawing closer now is the time to enjoy a joint of your home grown and find a few fun places on the internet to hang out.

Holland’s Hope guerrilla grow on an Italian mountain side, harvested October 2010. A great example of choosing and using a quiet place to grow a top outdoor strain. A worthy 2010 photo competition winner. Note the stream way down on the valley floor below.

Frisian Dew outdoor grow in Holland 2010. Harvested in 1st week of Oct, above average yields of top

Following many e-mail requests, here are some of our favourite cannabis sites…along with a few thoughts about them. Enjoy, there are hours of great medical and recreational cannabis culture that will keep you entertained for hours.

There are lots of forums nowadays in all the European languages. The Spanish seem to have a particularly well organised online cannabis community. The Spanish cannabis clubs are a safe way to get your herb in Spain, here you can read about them. What a great way of doing things, Spain remains one of the best places for stoners to live. Lamarihuana is a useful spanish portal, as is for Spanish, Catalan and French speakers.

A lot of Spanish Dutch Passion fans meet up on where Dutch Passion have a Spanish customer support area and organise a few competitions.

I also love watching the online grow shows, the ‘Marijuana Man’ is a fun guy to watch and some of his shows really make me think and laugh. I would love to meet this guy one day,

Another great Frisian Dew outdoor crop from a Czech balcony grow in 2010. The good grow conditions helped give great yields here.

English-speaking people enjoy UK420 , Dutch Passion have organised a few competitions on the forum and there is loads of great grow info. I have been impressed with several of the really well documented grow diaries. THCTALK is another top English speaking forum. Another popular website is , which has plenty of non-English forums as well as English-speaking content. UK people interested in pushing for legalisation should check out Clear, they have prepared a UK legalisation plan, complete with proposed costs for domestic cultivation licenses. We wish them well.

Voodoo, A potent Thai selection bred for outdoors, this gave great results for this lucky, organic, Czech outdoor grower. Harvested Oct 2010.

German speakers will like, the largest German speaking forum, where we also run a few promotions and competitions.

For more Dutch Passion info, check out our facebook page, where we publish news and also do some customer support. We have a channel on YouTube where we post piccys and new videos every so often. My facebook page (Dutch Joe) should be on your friends list!
Dutch Joe

October 14th 2011

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