Dutch Passion LED Grow-lights arrive

Dutch Passion LED Grow-lights arrive

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After 25+ years working hard to bring the home grower the best quality cannabis seeds,Dutch Passion are proud to announce that we will now also be working hard to bring the best LED lighting technology to the home grower. 

The progress of LED lighting technology is something that Dutch Passion has monitored closely for several years.  In the early years LED’s were over-hyped, expensive and not all that effective.  In the last 2 years the emergence of affordable and powerful LED’s has changed all that.  Today you will see LED’s starting to appear in everything from outdoor video displays, car lights, domestic lighting and even street lights.  Each year see’s LED get brighter and more affordable; we are convinced LED is becoming a viable alternative to HPS (high pressure sodium light) and we want to offer our customers the best LED technology and value. 

DP LED light panel


LED is a new area for Dutch Passion, so we wanted to find the right manufacturing & design partner.  Whilst we have seen some growers achieve spectacular results with LED we have also seen growers left disappointed by LED’s which produce poor plant growth.  We have also seen LED’s that have either arrived in non-working condition or have developed faults within a few months of use.   

Dutch Passion needed a strong European-based design partner with a proven track record; we selected a company called Grow Northern.  Grow Northern have already sold hundreds of LED’s built to their own technical specifications and design. The LED’s are built in China like many consumer electronic products today, but like the best Chinese-made products we insist that ours are built to the highest standards with the best components and design.  As well as our initial ‘HighLite LED Model 006’ we are also planning some next-generation products based on future LED technologies. 

more LED!


We believe the HighLite will produce results equivalent to somewhere between a 250W HPS and a 400W HPS, but with a power consumption of around 186W.  The HighLite is built to the same design standards as the Grow Northern MS0006 LED unit, it has a successful track record and we have seen numerous top quality grow results from it.  It is built to a proven manufacturing specification and is so reliable that we offer it with a 3 year guarantee.  It offers a good combination of price, quality and proven design.

LED light technology


LED has improved dramatically in recent years, producing increasingly intense light whilst prices have started to drop within reach of the home grower looking for an efficient alternative to the traditional HPS.  LED is still more expensive than HPS, we don’t believe LED will appeal to those looking for the cheapest option. No ballast is needed, nor is a reflector; good quality digital ballasts and reflectors used for HPS lights are themselves expensive items.  Our HighLite LED’s are small, slim and every watt is used as efficiently as possible.  The compact size and low heat generation are well suited to small grow rooms.  LED doesn’t waste energy producing the less useful orange, green and yellow wavelengths which are produced in abundance with HPS.  LED will not appeal to those looking for the lowest cost light.  But we think LED will appeal to a lot of home growers that want the latest most efficient technologies for their growroom.  LED may interest growers that don’t want the heat and bulk associated with HPS.  Many home growers take great pride in their growroom, seeing it as one area of their lives where they don’t want to compromise, and why should they?  For those growers looking to treat themselves to the latest growroom technology we think the Dutch Passion LED light, with the free seeds is a great offer. 

 the latest technology for your grow room

The HighLite is compact, just 85mm thick.  At 383x283mm it will not take up too much space in your growroom.  Each HighLite has 6 LED modules.  Each module has 15 LED’s running at about 2W each.  12 of these are red LED’s, 2 are blue and 1 is white.  The result is an intense pink light perfectly tuned for the growing needs of cannabis. Note that the light from the single 730nm Infra-Red LED in each module can’t be seen by the human eye, so it always appears ‘dark’.

One Dutch Passion HighLite will cover a 1m x 1m grow tent.  Two HighLites would give intense light and great yields in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent without generating too much heat.  The HighLite will grow dense frosty buds, this is a proven design combining good quality components in a solid chassis.  The unit weighs 5.6kg and has a tough aluminium outer case unlike some flimsy low-cost alternatives.

We think that together with our seed offer, we have got a great value package for the self-sufficient grower. 

Inside your Dutch Passion HighLite you have the LED panel, a power cable and hanging cables. 

You will find more technical information about the LED on our website.  If you have been curious about LED and are looking for a good reason to invest then look no further.

Dutch Joe

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Ps here are a few grow diaries to show you what our LED is capable of AutoXtremeThink Different, Blue AutoMazar

Dutch Passion LED Grow-lights arrive
September 13th 2013

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2018-06-25 13:18:34

Hi Max, individually they will cover around a 60x60 to an 80x80 area. With a couple of them you should have pretty great coverage for a 1.2 x 1.2 tent. Good luck, they are great lights with lots of happy customers


2018-06-19 23:09:27

Hi, I came across two GN MS0006 lights both at 270w. Can you please tell me what area will they cover individually and together? Thank you.


2017-03-31 12:25:34

sam, 29th March 2017. You can buy the Solar System LED grow lights here http://www.crazy-leds.com/en/shop/product/solar-system-550-led-grow-light/


2017-03-29 14:39:39

How can i get this lamp, cant find it in your shop?


2017-02-15 16:53:47

Best grower, 11th feb 2017. With LEDs you can use the same time periods that you would use an HPS light


2017-02-11 15:32:12

What time led grow light recommend


2016-12-28 09:34:22

Hi Morgan, 28th Dec 2016. Our best LED offer at the moment is this professional quality USA built grow light http://www.crazy-leds.com/en/shop/product/solar-system-550-led-grow-light/


2016-12-28 00:13:53

Hello dutch passion, i hope you are well, is there any news about your led offer please ? im very interested and would like to know more about your led product and it price. thank you


2016-05-10 10:47:03

Sotiris, 9th May, Sorry - this model is no longer for sale. But keep watching the website, there should be some new announcements soon


2016-05-09 01:00:23

Hello there,i want to know how much does it cost ,if i can have the led next to hps and how long do you need to sent it. Thank you.


2016-04-25 12:36:17

Scott, 25/4/2016. The current HS1 is not suitable for australian power. BUT please keep watching our website. We hope to have some new announcements before summer

scott ford

2016-04-25 09:51:48

Hey Guys, Long time grower of your genetics and very impressed. I stricktly grow autoflowers and your variety and strength in vigour and potency has always astounded myself. I need a price on this light you are selling as my 600watt hps is killing my hip pocket as all I grow is for myself and non profit.I also need shipping to Australia included in price you give me. Regards, Scotty

eddy - Dutch Passion

2016-03-03 10:36:24

Douglas - 2nd March 2016 At the moment we have sold out of the HS1 LED's. Please keep checking the website for updates on what is coming next


2016-03-02 15:20:56

Can't see a price and any link to purchase

eddy - Dutch Passion

2015-10-07 10:09:51

Hello Karl Pauw. Any of our autoflowering varieties is probably the easiest way to grow indoors. They grow from start to finish in 11 weeks under 20 hours of daily light. There are lots of grow diaries in our blog section, but a good variety to start would be e.g. Think Different. These days we have a new LED here, http://www.crazy-leds.com/en/shop/product/holographic-series-1-led-grow-light/

Karl August Pauw

2015-10-06 21:31:27

goden daag, I am a complete newcomer. what seed would you recomend for indoor growing? I look for pleasant, relaxed effect when smoked in pipe together with my usual tobacco. How much is the LED growing light? I can´t find any price. By the way, I am a german pensionist living in Spain, next to Santiago de Compostela. best regards,


2014-12-05 02:48:57

Hi how much for light and is it full spectrum?


2014-11-29 23:18:53

Hätte gerne eine'!? ;)

bud bloomer

2014-10-26 11:35:29

Yes, come on, the suspenders are killing me! (update 04-09-2014) "The HighLite LED is no longer available. We are working on a superior replacement which will use more advanced technology. We hope to release the new model late September / mid October." This means you missed a deadline, so please tell us something!


2014-09-01 20:25:35

How long until we have news here please?

eddy - Dutch Passion

2014-08-29 13:07:22

wait until you see what is coming next Samuel :-)


2014-08-28 23:55:48

Why aren't there any in stock ?


2013-12-19 22:15:27

hou match? i wont

Pikey Mike

2013-11-27 22:11:13

Nice One dutch passion. I can run this off my solar pv's glad we have got here at last! With autos and this wee unit, modern Techs certainly made life easier Now My fruits as well as being organic, are powered by the sun all year round! Maybe the futures brighter then previously expected :)

gypsy dave

2013-11-19 02:17:19

I would like more info on prices an offers on led the £100 free seeds sounds like a good deal were can i order from regards Gypsy


2013-09-13 20:34:39

Congratualtions to Dan & YourSelf! Excellent news! Love the design aswell & free seeds? what a offer!! Get in touch mate on my forum. All the best for the future guys!

vince noir

2013-09-13 18:32:21

an excellent idea dutch passion ,grow northern are a great company get onboard with ,l.e.d. are great to work with as you are well aware . and such a generous offer of seeds with the purchase . well done guys .


2013-09-13 17:25:07

Looked at many led units online, never dared to take the step though.... I think this is very interesting... looking forward to some reviews on this one!