Denmark. Do mobile phones/wifi affect seed germination?

Denmark.  Do mobile phones/wifi affect seed germination?

cress seeds showing poor germination rates next to a wifi router

Students at a Copenhagen school wanted to know why sleeping near the mobile phones meant that they sometimes struggled to concentrate at school the following day.  An experiment was designed to see whether the electromagnetic energy associated with mobile phones and WiFi could interfere with living cells.  The results have surprised many people, so much so that this low-tech school study will be repeated in more professional labs to confirm or deny the initial findings.

The students filled trays of a Garden Cress variety and grew some next to 2 WiFi routers.The WiFi routers give out similar levels of electromagnetic radiation as a mbile phone.  Some Garden Cress was also grown in similar conditions in a room without the Wifi routers.  The results were staggering.  The cress grown near the Wifi routers showed significantly reduced health and vigour, hardly any healthy seedlings were seen.  Will these results be repeatable under laboratory conditions? we will know soon enough.  If the results are confirmed Dutch Passion will initiate some tests with cannabis seedlings.
Denmark.  Do mobile phones/wifi affect seed germination?
May 29th 2013

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2013-08-28 23:46:22

Very interesting - I hope you follow this up .