Czech Republic. Lets import medical pot from Israel

Czech Republic.  Lets import medical pot from Israel

polytunnel of pot in Israel

Cannabis plants in northern Israel, 2010. (photo credit: Abir Sultan/Flash 90)

Israel is quietly getting on with the job of using cannabis for a massive range of physical and pyschological conditions and is becoming something of a world leader when it comes to the medical use of the finest quality cannabis.  The climate is perfect for growing top quality pot and their medical extablishment needs no convincing about the medical benefits of mans favourite herb.

So the Israeli's seemed like a perfect partner for the Czech Republic who are figuring out how their pot needs could be met in the future.  One option that has gathered momentum is the possibility of importing the best pot from Israel.  Senior politicians from both countries met in a 'high' powered meeting to discuss the issue.  Recently Danish politicians considered the idea of getting their pot from legal states in the USA.

Dutch Passion have a simpler solution.  Allow people to grow their own pot, and give them the legal right to own, transport and sell it, and allow them to make concetrates and edibles from it.  You will soon find their is no need to import anything.

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Czech Republic.  Lets import medical pot from Israel
March 19th 2013

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