Crazy LEDs. The Holographic Series 1 LED grow light

Crazy LEDs.  The Holographic Series 1 LED grow light

Dutch Passion are proud to announce our new high performance LED grow light, the Holographic Series 1.  And we are so confident about the future of the LED grow light business that a new company to specialise in LED has been created, the new company is called ‘Crazy LEDs & More’.  


The Holographic Series 1 is designed and manufactured in the EU by our technology partner GrowNorthern who have several years experience designing LED grow lights.  In 2013 we sold the 6-module HighLite unit with them, it was a good light and popular.  However we began to see the possibilities to create a new type of LED grow light using some next-generation technologies including the latest Philips Luxeon Rebel LED technology, some of these convert over 50% of the electrical energy directly into light.  We felt the best way to create this LED grow light was to build it in Europe.  Previously we used a Chinese manufacturer to build lights to our specification, but this time we felt it better to bring the complete process of design and manufacture back to Europe where we could apply the right design skills with the best quality components and direct control over every aspect from build quality to the type of boxes we ship in.

holographic series 1 LED grow light

Above, The Holographic Series 1 LED Grow Light.  Built with the best technology LEDs, cooling technology, drivers and optics.  There is nothing else like it.

Below.  The small compact interior of the Holographic Series 1.  The SynJet silent cooling module replaces old-fashioned cooling fans.  The Philips Xitanium digital driver ensures intelligent and controllable power.

inside the box


Our goal was not to compete with the low-end LED manufacturers, there are already enough of them.  Our goal is to offer a high-end premium quality alternative to them.  You will be able to find lower cost LED grow lights, but we don’t believe that you will find an LED grow light built to the same quality standards with the same quality components, efficiency and safety features.


Here is some more information on our new LED grow light.


LED Module.  The LED module is the heart of the grow light and we used the brightest, most powerful LEDs, the Philips Rebel LEDs.  We use a blend of blue, red, warm white and cool white LEDs, on average they convert 43%+ of their electricity directly into light.  Because we use such powerful LEDs we need fewer of them allowing the grow light to be small.

led macro

Above and below.  The LED module uses 36 ultra-bright Philips Luxeon Rebel LED's each fitted with a high quality LEDIL secondary optic.  The central LED is a specialist Infra Red chip.  The LED module is machine soldered in Europe and has a 2mm copper core to aid heat distribution,

led module


LED Driver.  We use the Philips 2015 Xitanium driver. The new Digital drivers combines intelligent data handling and smooth, precise drive. Unlike traditional AC/DC LED drivers, digital drivers can diagnose, adjust and automate the entire LED system. If your grow room temperature rises beyond a safe limit the driver will dim the LEDs to prevent overheating and to prevent damage to the LED module.  


Cooling.  Traditional cooling fans make way for the Nuventix Synjet, a revolutionary active cooling solution that produces turbulent jets of air across the heatsink. Using a frictionless oscillating magnetic diaphragm. The Synjet delivers near-silent cooling and a 200,000 hour lifespan.  So not only is this superior to traditional cooling fans, it is also far more reliable and keeps your grow room whisper quiet


crazy LED

Above, The high-tech Holographic Optical Diffuser is the final part of the optical system, mixing the colours and creating an even-intensity light field.  The Holographic Diffuser comes in a magnetic holder and has a moisture proof gasket to protect the LED module behind.  The Holographic diffusers will come in a range of beam angles and take seconds to swap.

pink light


Optics.  The Holographic Series LED Growlight was named after the innovative new optical system. The multi stage optical system uses high optical transmission materials including a specially engineered micro structure optic (a Holographic Diffuser) which maintains light in a specific beam angle whilst producing a highly homogeneous spread of light. The optical system can be quickly and easily interchanged allowing you to adjust the beam angle to deliver the correct light intensity or spread requirement at any height.


Our Holographic Series LED grow light draws 75W of power and produces similar results to our former HighLite 6-module LED grow light, it will replace a 250W HPS.  One of the benefits of LED over HPS is the ability to reduce power consumption and heat generation in the grow room.  The use of the latest high power and high efficiency LED means that the initial purchase cost is offset by the reduced running costs.  Our LED grow light should offer 50,000+ hours of use, and even after that point the LED grow light should still have around 90% of its initial brightness.  Unlike HPS lights there is no need to buy replacement bulbs or separate ballasts. 

plugs and cables

Above and below.  The LED is currently supplied with EU or UK power cables.  The  electrical connectivity system is from Winsta-Wago, an established safety/quality leader and are made in Germany.  The Winsta Wago Distribution box allows up to 6 LED modules to be connected and powered via a single electrical socket.  Multiple LED grow lights can also be connected to each other using 'daisy chain' cables if preferred.  


wago connectivity


We focussed on designing a top quality grow light built from the best components,  A single Holographic Series 1 LED grow light is suitable for small/medium grow areas.  For larger areas several of our LED lights can be daisy-chained together and can be powered from a single electrical connection.  Two of our LED grow lights will be ideal for a 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent, they will produce very little heat and use just 150W.

rear photo 

Above. The back of the LED grow light.  The large white socket is for a mains power cable, the blue socket allows fast daisy-chain connections between multiple lights.  Small hanging hooks are present in each corner


We are now shipping the LED from the Crazy LED website.  The price of €495 includes free express (next day) shipping to most countries.  We will also sell accessories to allow you to connect several LED lights together.  And we will also sell a range of Holographic diffusion optics which will allow you to adjust the size and shape of the light field. The standard optic gives an 80º x 80º beam angle but we will be introducing a range of others with different beam angles.  You can read much more technical detail online.  Our new Holographic Series 1 LED grow light is here and will redefine the future technology used to design indoor grow light technology.  We hope you like it.


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Crazy LEDs.  The Holographic Series 1 LED grow light
January 2nd 2015

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Simon matthews

2017-05-27 15:30:29

Very impressed with the grow northern we're can I get one I live in northern England, also do they go bigger than 75 watts many thanks

Jennifer Hindley

2016-10-18 12:38:18

very interested in new LED lighting


2016-04-09 18:24:55

I would like to be informed in some way when its possible to get a piece of this series. Was waiting and checking from time to time but never saw the oppurtunity to get one. If its possible please email me an keep one in stock for me guys!


2016-03-17 11:30:16

Pieter, 16th March 2016. Stock keeps selling out. We are doing our best to get more stock in


2016-03-16 23:27:13

How come the HS1 led lights are no longer available for order on the crazy led website?

Eddy - Dutch Passion

2015-12-01 09:05:16

Dee (1/12/2015) The units can be purchased from Crazy LEDs direct and they will be shipped with next-day delivery with UK power cables. Just click here to place your order


2015-12-01 02:24:06

where can your LED systems be purchased in the UK???

Eddy | Dutch Passion

2015-08-07 17:48:03

uprising - you just put the power socket into a normal timer, just like an HPS. That way you can set the light hours at 12, 20 24 or whatever. These days we see a lot of growers user 24 hour light for AutoFems


2015-08-04 19:50:55

Hello, sorry for the noob question, how did you managed the growing and flowering period???, with a computer connected to the led system, so i guess a software too, or directly from the led system?


2015-07-12 20:49:11

Hola Tambièn me interesa adquirire uno de sus porductos. Soy de Chile, Ignacio, quizàs podrìas adquirir productos juntos y ahorramos en el costo de envio. saludos


2015-06-20 23:59:59

Im well impressed. think youll be getting my money soon! :)

Ignacio González

2015-06-03 01:59:35

Según entiendo es la misma conexión electrica, sólo quería saber si pueden enviar equipos a Chile. Gracias por la información y su respuesta.

eddy - Dutch Passion

2015-06-01 10:14:46

Hi Ignacio, Sorry, at the moment the LED is being sold only in Europe for european electrical connection. But we are always thinking of new LED possibilities, so please keep checking the website in the coming months

Ignacio González

2015-05-31 02:18:55

Hola, soy de Chile y me gustaría comprar éste equipo LED, pero no se por que medio puedo encargarlo para mi país, les agradecería si se comunican conmigo para darme mas información. Muchas gracias saludos desde Chile.

Desmond 2two

2015-05-16 20:57:18

Hello ,where in the UK can a person buy your led lamp I am in the north of england ....cheers.

Ian sweet

2015-04-14 21:18:47

I would like one of these if I could buds as big as I get with my 600 watt hps


2015-03-28 12:01:53

A good move in the right direction. I hope the quality aspect will nudge people out of the ongoing race to the bottom (economically and enivronmentally)


2015-01-05 14:30:41

Welcome to the future ;-)