Colorado & Washington legalise cannabis

Colorado & Washington legalise cannabis

USA.  Breaking news: Colorado and Washington legalize cannabis. 

Americans wake up to the amazing news that cannabis is now legal in Colorado and Washington.   ‘Amendment 64’ was voted on and will become law.  This gives the citizens of Colorado many of the rights and protections that stoners elsewhere would dream of.  It also gives a huge amount of hope for cannabis lovers elsewhere.  If legalisation can happen in the USA it can really happen anywhere.  People in Colorado will be allowed to grow up to 6 plants each.  In Washington votes for ‘I-502’ have been successful.  An amazing year for cannabis continues.  Prohibition gets weaker and weaker.

 USA legalises weed

Colorado & Washington legalise cannabis
November 7th 2012

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2012-11-09 14:15:58

Remember remember the 7th of November and the chant on election night was not just 4 more years, it was also 4 more joints, a joint decision to legalise that put the prohibitionist supporters nose out of joint, the jolly green giant was happy last night, ho ho ho green joint. This is a really momentous moment in similar proportions to Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon, as in one small step for man, one joint leap for mankind.