Chile. First legal cannabis harvest celebrated

Chile.  First legal cannabis harvest celebrated


Cancer patients celebrate first legal cannabis harvest to be used for cannabis oil.

Cancer patients in Chile will now be able to get free cannabis oil to help treat their cancer thanks to the countries first legal cannabis harvest.  400 plants were planted in October and have just been harvested (in the southern hemisphere the outdoor growing season runs from October to April).  The 400 plants will be used for 200 cancer patients, and special legal permission has been granted to allow the plants to be dried and converted into cannabis oil.  Cannabis oil is highly valued for its medical properties, the oil has excellent pain relieving properties and many believe that the oil can also reduce the size of tumours.  The cannabis oil will be given free-of-charge to the cancer patients.  Meanwhile the Chile Government has been debating the relaxation of its recreational cannabis laws, and is considering allowing people to cultivate up to 6 plants for personal consumption.  No vote has been made on this yet, but a majority of Parliament did agree on teh first proposal
The plants were grown in the ‘La Florida’ district and the local Mayor, Rodolfo Carter has fully supported the initiative.  A small ceremony was held as the plants were harvested, and Mayor Carter commented that "This is about the dignity of patients who are dying every day in pain and with very expensive medical bills,” 

More information about this important announcement is here.  Dutch Passion hope that other countries will also adopt a similar compassionate approach to the use of cannabis.
Chile.  First legal cannabis harvest celebrated
April 16th 2015

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