Chile. Cannabis growing legalized for 'personal or collective' consumption

Chile.  Cannabis growing legalized for 'personal or collective' consumption

above, AutoMazar grown by Mr Ganjamoto


Chiles Supreme Court (3rd Chamber) has acquitted ‘Trigram’, a collective cannabis grow club for cultivating a personal supply of home grown cannabis despite the fact that the home-grow took place without approval from the Ministry of Agriculture.  The legal precedent means that others can grow cannabis for personal (or collective) use without the need to seek legal approval.  Its a Judical landmark for Chile cannabis growers and yet another South American breakthrough for sensible cannabis laws.  
More info is here in english
Original Spanish link
Chile.  Cannabis growing legalized for 'personal or collective' consumption
June 5th 2015

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Juan Luis Gonzalez

2017-05-17 19:50:53

I am in Favor of the Legalization of Cannabis for Medicinal use and Recreational which is also Medicinal Quote Tommy Chong Grow Your Own Law is needed in Peru

Johnny reb

2015-06-17 11:41:08

I bought 10 seeds for Herbie's. Out of the money maker, incredible bulk, train wreck, Hollands hope, and Frisian dew, after 12 weeks of veg and being my first the Hollands hope is a beast the best plant I got and the Frisian is my second best. The bad thing is my wife picked this mix pack so she's enjoying rubbing this in my face. My next pick is the auto mazar no question!!! Best seeds ever dutch passion!!!!


2015-06-16 21:20:21

Howdy Dutch PassionFriends! What a plant "The AutoMaxar" by Mr GanjaMoto... And this is a real pleasure for the eye to see! Here I can see what a DWC equipment can do. It looks like Mr GanjaMoto has his lightning all around the tent and the plant and in this case it produces the biggest indoor AutoMazar.