Cannabis oil and cancer: Project Storm

Cannabis oil and cancer:  Project Storm

How can cannabis help with cancer?  Thanks to the prohibition of cannabis, and the consequential lack of proper medical research over recent years, no one really knows all the answers.  But Jeff Ditchfield, an author and medical cannabis campaigner is producing his own movies in order to find out.  The first movie is called Project Storm, it follows a group of cancer sufferers and their experiences with cannabis oil. 

You can see the Project Storm trailer here

and you can read more about this remarkable project, and donate financially,  here.


It’s a tragedy that the last several decades which could have yielded so much valuable medical data on cannabis were wasted.  The international prohibition of cannabis was supported and brutally enforced without any attention being paid to the growing calls for investigations into medicinal uses.  Until now.  The good news is that there is now lots of catch-up medical research into medical uses of cannabis.  


The USA and Israel are particularly active with research, but many other countries are also looking closely at the medicinal uses of cannabis.  In Europe, Spain is particularly active.  The UK is a strange anomaly in the world of medical cannabis.  The UK government has still has not legalised the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational uses.  Yet the UK Government has granted a special license for one company, GW Pharmaceuticals, to grow thousands of Kilograms of cannabis each year for it to concentrate into an oral cannabis spray (‘Sativex’) which is sold internationally for treatment of MS (multiple sclerosis).  

project storm

"If the choice is between being a living cannabis criminal or a dead law abiding citizen, then that's no choice at all"

Anyone that has been involved with the cannabis community will know from first hand experience that cannabis is used medicinally for a wide range of medical problems, and has been for many years with complete confidence.  Cannabis is now legal for medical use in over 20 states in the USA and is prescribed for numerous conditions.  Cannabis is used by people suffering from MS, Crohns disease, skeletal issues, nerve damage, arthritis and a whole range of problems.


But what about cancer?  What we know for certain is that cannabis has several key uses.


  1. Cannabis stimulates appetite in cancer patients.  Eating well is a key part in the battle with any illness.  As many cannabis users will agree, food becomes particularly appealing after cannabis - ‘the munchies’
  2. Cannabis aids restful sleep.  There is nothing like a good joint, or some cannabis edibles, or a cannabis vaporiser in the evening to really help you sleep well.    Any medical professional will tell you that plenty of quality, restful sleep is a great help when ill.
  3. Cannabis helps reduce pain associated with many cancers.  Many medical cannabis users report that cannabis is superior to prescription medicines for reducing pain levels and discomfort.  
  4. Cannabis is used successfully by many cancer patients as a great antidote to the nausea associated who chemotherapy
  5. For some cancer sufferers cannabis can also help reduce anxiety.

Cannabis (above) and cannabis oil (below).  Both are used extensively in medical applications but their medical use has been hindered by political inaction and legal injustice

cannabis oil


But can cannabis actually play a role to prevent tumour growth? Can the cannabinoids in cannabis actually shrink tumours?  There is growing number of people saying that this is possible but no-one can say for certain.  More medical research is required.  No-one wants to give false hope to cancer patients.  But if you have cancer you probably don’t want to wait too long for the official medical establishment to give you the answers.  Many people are making their own cannabis oil and finding out for themselves if the oil can help them. 

Project Storm is aiming to film the progress of a number of people together with their experience with cannabis oil, and hopefully give some good news at the end of it.  Dutch Passion wish them, and the people featured in their movie, good luck.  Project Storm will be following the users of cannabis oil over a period of several months.  Future work will include following sufferers of Dravet’s Syndrome (a rare form of epilepsy) and their experiences with CBD-rich cannabis extracts (CBD is one of the key cannabinoids attracting a great deal of medical interest).


It takes courage and a great deal of money, to produce documentaries as complicated and as difficult as this.   We wish Project Storm, and those involved in the filming of it, every possible success.



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Cannabis oil and cancer:  Project Storm
May 2nd 2014

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2014-05-23 10:35:43

Thank you Dutch Joe! I am one of the people that needs this. I had 90% of a cancerous brain tumor removed in Feb.2013 and finished radiation and chemo 2 weeks ago. I've never really been an avid pot user. But now, I use a vaporizer with a high CBD wax. I wish that things were more accepted. After all, we just want to live.


2014-05-20 13:20:12

Please keep up the good work. People desperately need this.