Cannabis has a bright future despite political meddling

History tells us that people simply love their weed, they always have and they always will. Cannabis has a great future because of that one single fact. Millions of people visit Amsterdam just to sample the weed. Millions more grow their own top-quality weed in a trend that started a couple of decades ago and is now completely unstoppable. Nowadays there is also the medical marijuana movement that is bringing mainstream normality to the pro-cannabis movement. The pharmaceutical companies are waking up to the fact that cannabis based medicines could be a highly profitable revenue stream to address an ever-growing range of medical conditions.

Today some people argue that modern cannabis is much stronger than it used to be, and therefore more dangerous. Ironically there are now more people using marijuana for medical reasons than there were 30 years ago. Many of these medical users can only use strains that are rich in THC, the main active ingredient of cannabis.

THC levels in many modern weed varieties is often over 10%, for some strains it is 15%+ when it is grown well. In the early days of the cannabis popularity surge it is true to say that not all the weed was great quality. Much of the weed was on a par with todays varieties, but there was poor quality/badly grown stuff as well. The problem arises when people make the assumption that ALL the early weed was weak and ALL the modern weed is highly potent. Nowadays the knowledge and seeds required to grow good weed are all available via the internet, the result has been a gradual reduction in the amount of bad/weak ganja.

But people forget that before the consistently stronger modern weed varieties people happily smoked as much hashish and resin as they could get. THC content in hash was (and still is) 20%+. So the amount of THC that the average stoner consumes hasn’t changed, it is simply that the hash of the 1970’s has been replaced by homegrown weed today. Modern weed is as potent as many types of hash. Hash wasn’t harmful to the hippies of the 70’s, it doesn’t harm anyone even today, so why should modern weed be regarded as any more dangerous? Politics needs to be taken out of the cannabis debate, more sensible law-making and policing will benefit everyone.

For many stoners the issue is a non issue – if they have very strong weed they simply use less of it in a joint. It is as simple as that. Of course it isn’t just THC that should be considered, medical marijuana research has shown that there are some 80+ cannabinoid compounds (CBD, CBN etc etc) that should also be considered. Many of these cannabinoids are now being rigorously screened for medical benefits.

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Dutch Joe

September 2nd 2011

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