Canada. Street prices for pot decreasing since USA legalizations

Canada.  Street prices for pot decreasing since USA legalizations

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Canada.  Pot experts in British Columbia have said that there has been a significant decrease in the street price of pot since Washington State (over the border in USA) legalized cannabis.  Clearly the decision to legalize in Washington state means that there is less cross-border movement of pot, this will be a major bonus for USA Border Patrol staff who will see a significant reduction in the number of people getting their pot from Canada.  Why would you buy pot from somewhere else if it is legal in your own state?

British Columbia has become home to some of Canada's most liberated thinking on pot, with several local seed companies and breeders developing a reputation for top quality produce.  The liberal approach in Canada meant it used to be a significant tourist attraction for USA pot lovers, with Vancouver sometimes referred to as 'Vansterdam'.

Dana Larsen, who runs a Vancouver dispensary and is pushing for legalization across Canada, claims prices have dropped from around $10/gram to nearer $7/gram as demand has reduced.  “They’ve got their own supply in Washington, so there’s less demand for B.C. bud. And [for sellers] here, there’s less demand for our product in the States and so prices drop locally as people try to move their product. And I expect they’re going to stay in the range that they are, if not continue to go down,” he said

It's further proof that legalizing adult use of pot for recreational and medical purposes is the right thing to do.  No doubt the criminal commerical growers in Washington state (and states that neighbour Washington) are also seeing exactly the same effect. Legalized pot is bad news for organised crime.


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Canada.  Street prices for pot decreasing since USA legalizations
November 22nd 2013

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