Can you recommend a good strain to grow?

Freshly cropped Power Plant drying, amazing yields, not a single plant with a poor performance from this medical grow cooperative

Yes, that is one of the most common questions we get asked at Dutch Passion. Often the grower is looking for something different but they don’t know exactly what. What makes the question hard is that there are so many correct answers.

Beautiful dried Power Plant buds for one lucky grower

That is because the market for homegrown weed is changing so quickly. The number of people that are growing their own has just kept growing and growing. Feminised seed has in large part replaced sales of non-feminised. AutoFlowering varieties have surprised even the established Dutch seed suppliers in the speed at which they have outsold some of our traditional seeds.

These days it is quite commonplace for stoners to grow their own weed. Planting a few AutoFem seeds in a quiet spot where they can safely grow for just 10 weeks is now all that it takes to become totally self sufficient in your ganja requirements. Which I suppose is what creates that inevitable question “Can you recommend a good strain to grow?” Over the years I have seen certain strains that are so consistently superb that you can safely recommend them pretty much most of the time to most of the people.

Power Plant - every plant is a winner, remember to give support to the plants or the weight of the buds can easily cause them to fall over. Still a regular strain on the Dutch Circuit after all these years.

One such strain that has always been a great all-round recommendation is Power Plant. In the hands of even a moderately experienced gardener, Power Plant can deliver great yields of premium quality bud. The plant genetics come from South Africa and at Dutch Passion we have never hybridised it with any other strain, this is purely inbred and as such it is very consistent. It is a very easy plant to clone (or take cuttings from) and was one of the early varieties to prove popular in Amsterdam, even today you will still see it in the Dutch coffeeshops. Here in The Netherlands Power Plant remains a favourite with the some growers now simply call it ‘PP’, not actually realising it is Power Plant.

Power Plant, always a satisfying strain to grow and smoke. The bud is as strong as you could wish for. Enjoy.

The photo’s from some very lucky customers show just how heavily this variety yields. I have seen this grown numerous times on small ‘personal’ indoor grows where Power Plant has consistently delivered over 125 grams per plant time after time. Power Plant is often defined by the way the bud growth appears to be out of proportion to the rest of the plant so make sure the plants are well supported towards the end of flowering as the weight of the buds may cause plants to collapse or topple over. It is covered in crystals and smells wonderful as you grind the herb.

It is also a formidable smoke, don’t make the joint too big as you won’t be able to finish it. I have seen hardened Dutch smokers giggling like children and unable to finish their joint after smoking this, it is a quality sensimilla that you will not regret growing. Outdoor growers, and medical growers, in the Mediterranean region always give good feedback and say a few plants in the orchard (or ‘huerto’) is enough to keep the whole village supplied. The high is a long lasting sativa special that you will love both for the top-end stone and for the consistently great harvests. No wonder we didn’t want to hybridise her, there was no need. Power Plant is the finished article as she stands, a superb strain that took Amsterdam by storm in the 1990’s and has remained a strain with a mind-numbingly awesome reputation ever since.

"This beautiful Power Plant still has 2 to 3 weeks to go, so can still increase it's size considerably."

The last time I was asked to give a personal recommendation on a good strain to grow I said Power Plant. It will be a strain which I will be happy to recommend for many years to come, even with all the great new strains that are becoming available.

Dutch Joe

September 23rd 2011

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