AutoColorado Cookies review in coco fibre with HPS and LED lights

AutoColorado Cookies review in coco fibre with HPS and LED lights

This weeks grow review comes from Captain Beefheart who grew a great looking AutoColorado Cookies in coco fibre using a 400W HPS and a 200W power draw Skyline LED .  Nutrients were Canna coco nutrients, plus CalMag (calcium and magnesium) additive from vitalink. 

AutoColorado Cookies is a feminized auto seed variety, the parent genetics came from Dutch Passion Blueberry and a very special Girl Scout Cookies line from Colorado.  Its a sweet tasting variety, with fruity aromas and is one of the strongest indica dominant auto genetics we have ever seen.  When grown in optimum conditions she is an XXL yielder of very tight, dense sticky buds.  The genetics on this variety come from stable and top quality parents, so the offspring is equally potent.  Multiple blooms form, each bloom can produce 20-30cm of buds.  This is a variety that can take a lot of light, the more the better, especially from week 5 onwards.  



AutoColorado Cookies, easy to grow home grown cannabis

AutoColorado Cookies is indica dominant, with just enough sativa genes to allow the blooms to stretch far enough to allow for a good final plant size.  Hybridising the Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies genetics produced a vigorously growing offspring.  The pictures from the grow show the AutoColorado Cookies has grown into a strong bushy plant with 20 or more blooms.  Final harvests tend to be well above average mainly because there are so many blooms which can form in good lighting conditions.  This variety also responds well to side light, its a variety that does well for beginners but can deliver very special results in the hands of expert growers who can carefully optimise grow room conditions and nutrients.   


Fast growing varieties such as AutoColorado Cookies often benefit from Calcium/Magnesium supplements in addition to the normal nutrients.  Modern autos are often grown under 20 hours of daily light.  Dutch Passion autos are better quality than most, they can even take 24 hour light from seed to harvest, under these demanding conditions the plants never stop photosynthesising and this can sometimes require Calcium/Magnesium supplements.  Magnesium plays a critical role in photosynthesis and is a key mineral in chlorophyll.


Coco fibre has become extremely popular with autoflower growers, autos generally grow slightly faster and larger in coco than soil.  Auto’s grow particularly well with good levels of root aeration, coco fibre has an open structure that allows high levels of essential oxygen to reach the roots.  Many home growers get great results with airpots in combination with coco fibre.  For maximum growth rates in coco fibre consider putting an air-stone at the bottom of the plant container, the roots love the extra oxygenation and will respond with explosive growth.


This AutoColorado Cookie was grown in an 11 litre container, which contained 7 litres of coco fibre.  In mid bloom she was being fed twice a day, with 3.5 litres of feed solution each time.  In coco fibre with optimum conditions a good quality modern auto can grow almost at the same rates as it would in a hydroponic system.  But coco fibre is, for many home growers, a much easier system to work with than hydroponics systems - e.g. deep water culture.  Hydro systems such as DWC can place demanding requirements to carefully control pH, temperature, electrical conductivity (‘E.C.’) and various other issues. 


THC-rich home grown cannabis using coco fibre

Growing THC-rich cannabis in coco fibre can be simple and easy.  In many cases its simply a 2-part feeding solution, Canna Coco is one of the most popular feed solutions and comes in a ‘Part A’ and ‘Part B’ solution.  Of course, there are plenty of supplemental coco feed materials but not all are absolutely necessary.  Perhaps the most useful additional feed supplements are a pK boost for bloom, and perhaps a Calcium/Magnesium supplement for fast growing autos that are being pushed hard under 20 hours (or 24 hours) of daily light.

Note how the AutoColorado Cookies produced a large framework and plenty of blooms.  Sometimes a large auto can take an extra couple of weeks to finish if the auto has taken the time to grow a big, branchy structure.  The extra time is required simply because the plant genetics are working overtime to produce the necessary biomass to fill every branch with resinous buds.  The last 2-3 weeks of an auto growth cycle is normally the time when bud and resin production has reached maximum.  Allowing the auto the extra time to fully ripen can be the difference between a large harvest and a very large harvest.  AutoColorado Cookies uses some of the latest USA genetics which were selected for the XL harvest potential.


Any home grower looking for an easy and predictable way to get fast XL harvests of strong cannabis should consider a top quality modern auto combined with coco fibre.  At Dutch Passion we see lots of customers become entirely self sufficient cannabis growers with minimum effort and complexity.

AutoColorado Cookies review in coco fibre with HPS and LED lights
December 16th 2016
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