2012 – There has never been a better year to plant your seeds.

2012 – There has never been a better year to plant your seeds.

Dutch Passion have 4 great new strains and our best ever seed giveaway planned for 2012

MANY THANKS to all our customers past and present for making this a memorable year for so many different reasons. 2012 marks our 25th anniversary, in that time we have supplied millions (literally millions!) of seeds to self-sufficient cannabis growers, we have developed feminized seed technology, created loads of great new strains and have also led the development of AutoFem seeds. The seeds we have supplied have produced countless tonnes of great pot over the last few decades; we are proud of our contribution to the cannabis community. To celebrate 25 years serving the world’s most discerning stoners we will run our best-ever seed give-away, starting on 3rd January 2012.

Throughout the first 4 months of 2012 we will send 3 TOP quality seeds to every customer spending €70 or more on Dutch Passion seeds. Simply register on the dedicated area of our website to get your personal code. Then send us the code, original receipt (from whoever sold you the seeds) and the empty original seed packet. We will post the free seeds to you. All the details are on the website. It’s easy to take part and we are sending out top quality free seeds, varieties which we hope you will really enjoy and remember growing.


Orange Bud, above, from Dutch Passion. The original and best seeds with incredible growth potential. Produces hundreds of grams of top quality bud per plant when grown well in plenty of sun.

We are also developing a completely new website, we will keep the same website URL address but will have better content and functionality than before. One feature we are excited about is the ability for customers to provide their own views and feedback on everything from the strains themselves to comments on the weekly blog. Dutch Passion want the next 25 years to be even more special than the last 25; we will be closer to our customers than ever before. We will listen more carefully to you, and what you want to see Dutch Passion create for you.
2011 represented a lot of hard work for the Dutch Passion team. We met thousands of customers (or “Passionista’s” as they like to be called) throughout the year at cannabis fairs such as Spannabis (Spain), Cultiva (Vienna), Cannafest (Prague) and High Times (Amsterdam)…. and we got lots of feedback about the strains you like, and the things you want us to work on in the future. Each cannabis expo we attend takes around a week of time and travel for 4 or 5 of the team. On top of that we have the full-time job of seed sales from the Amsterdam office and the Maastricht shop. We have been working on the new website and of course we oversee the continued development of some really special future strains. The cannabis seed business has never seemed as busy as it is today. On the other hand, the self-sufficient cannabis grower has never had such a great choice of seeds, and things will only get better! That is a promise.

We could not be more pleased with the performance of our two leading AutoFem strains – AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry. AutoMazar has confirmed its reputation as the world’s best yielding AutoFem; we had numerous reports of 200g+ yields from single plants. And of course we had the record breaking 350g yield achieved from an LED uber-grow by Seymour Buds. AutoBlueberry was the 2011 AutoFem choice for the connoisseur growers. Think Different will be available from 2012 and is the most potent AutoFem we have ever seen, just as strong as the best traditional varieties. Of course we have some very exciting AutoFem strains in development, it’s still too early to say too much more about these projects, but if you keep reading our weekly blog we will tell you more about them as soon as we can.

Growers of traditional varieties are looking forward to getting hold of our 3 proud new arrivals – Freddy’s Best, Night Queen and Dark Delight. These are all great strains which have made a huge impression on the Dutch Passion staff and come with our highest recommendations.
Dutch Passion look forward to the new year with more excitement than ever. Today we have feminized seeds and 10-week AutoFem’s; who would have thought that back in the 1980’s when we started? And who knows what the next 25 years will bring? We hope you will join us for the ride.

Dutch Joe

2012 – There has never been a better year to plant your seeds.
December 31st 2011

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