10% price cuts on DP seeds

First of all I should say thanks for all the positive feedback! We are glad so many of you like the ‘new look’ Dutch Passion website and blog. Please keep the comments and views coming in.

And on to an important announcement, as some of you have already noticed we have reduced the prices of our seeds, on average by around 10%. For some of our more expensive strains prices have been reduced up to 20%.

We are aware that our seeds have never been the cheapest on the market, that was never our aim. Dutch Passion have been here for 25 years simply by focussing on making the best cannabis seed and in that time we have seen numerous other seed companies come and go. As one of the oldest seedbanks we like to pride ourselves on the many original pure strains that we have carefully maintained as well as the contributions we have made to the cannabis movement such as inventing seed feminisation.

Running a seed company with traditional values and a sense of responsibility to the cannabis community has come with certain costs. But over the years we have also developed a loyal customer following. Seed sales, especially over the last few years, have really taken off. The widely acclaimed Skunk #11 remains our best seller and was the first variety to sell 1 million seeds but many of our strains are catching up, especially the feminised versions. This has allowed us to trim some costs and pass the savings on to our customers. Dutch Passion seeds, especially with the new 3-packs, have never been as affordable. So if you have been looking for an excuse to treat yourself to some top-quality seeds then take a good look at our seed collection.

Without doubt we are in the process of a cultural revolution in the way people get their weed. In the 1980’s the first cannabis seed companies were taking, and even improving, established cannabis strains. The first growers and farmers evolved, people were getting quality weed which was grown domestically rather than imported.

Now, a few decades later and there has been another change in the weed market. More people than ever have found that growing their own weed is easier than they ever imagined. For the recreational and medical toker the process of growing your own weed is uncomplicated. Feminised seed and autofem seeds have made growing convenient and easy. With the right conditions it is straightforward for first-time growers to grow genuine top-drawer stash. Here in Holland many stoners grow a few plants for themselves, it is a trend that has spread throughout Europe and indeed the rest of the world.

So one day it would be nice to see drug laws catch up with reality and allow the personal grower to be allowed to legally grow-their-own. Here at Dutch Passion we are doing our best to help – all of the world’s best cannabis strains, and now with 10% price cuts. Enjoy!

Dutch Joe

July 8th 2011

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2017-05-25 10:42:33

we like to import ur seeds to SYRIA